Thursday, 15 October 2009

PRESS RELEASE: Palladium Jewellery

Palladium jewellery, perfect for a credit crunch Christmas
British designer recommends the newly Hallmarked precious metal

Set to become the latest fashion in jewellery design, Palladium can offer cost-conscious consumers the chance to buy stunning jewellery – at half the cost of Platinum. Palladium looks like Platinum and is currently cheaper than white gold it was awarded its Hallmark in August 2009.

Derbyshire-based jewellery designer Rachel Helen has seen Palladium commissions treble in September alone, and she knows exactly why:

“Palladium has strong and luxurious qualities. Its rarity and brilliant white appearance have made it exceptionally popular this year, particularly since it achieved its official Hallmark. People call me every day to ask about the costs of commissioning individual pieces of jewellery for gifts or weddings and they are so often thrilled when they discover Palladium exists – a precious metal that offers them a high quality, as well as cost effective, end result.

“Although in the trade we have known about Palladium’s potential for many years, this precious metal has suddenly burst into the consumer marketplace. It’s ideal for those people who are looking to buy a stunning gift or commission a unique piece of jewellery, but would rather watch their spending carefully and get the best value for their hard-earned pounds.”
Rachel Helen Designs offers commissions in all precious metals, including the newly recognised Palladium. Rachel also has a variety of other collections offering limited edition or bespoke products.

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